The song was released on Aviance Records on November 24th and features mixes by David Ohana Aviance and Adam Joseph.

It begins with an homage to Desperately Seeking Susan, with local legendary NYC vocalist, Coby Koehl. It transitions to the story of a world gone dark with individual sadness and how a mystical version of Coby casts a spell through his voice and the voguing of his hands to conjure two muses to act as conduits between him and the people he encounters, as well as the physical embodiment of the spell he cast in the form of a vogue dancer. The dancer is portrayed by international legend and Father of Voguing, Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza. from Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour and movie Truth or Dare, as well as the documentary, Strike A Pose.

A bridge in Central Park is where Coby crosses paths with a beautiful Palestinian woman (played by Suzi Tanemi), and an arguing gay couple (played by Eddie Hernandez and choreographer, Gabe Serrano). Coby's voice resonates as he sings the dance anthem about love, diversity and acceptance, capturing the attention of a lone man reading the latest headlines, and as he and the other people he has touched hear it, they are drawn towards the sound, joyously joining him in dance and verse as the clouds clear. The mystical Coby, his muses and his dancer melt away in the golden spray of a fountain, leaving the earthbound Coby to be illuminated as the jets of water settle.

The song, written by Coby Koehl was inspired by Islan Nettles, who was senselessly murdered in a high profile transgender hate crime that took place in the Hamilton Heights area. Some of the filming took place in the neighborhood as well as the garment district and Central Park. The remix, featured in this director's full length edit, was produced by Adam Joseph. All vocals were performed by Coby Koehl and Barry Parker who is part of Coby's background singer ensemble, The Blessins.

There is the directors cut of the video. You can see an edit by Mr. Koehl on YouTube that is being touted as the official video.

Filmed and edited by photographer Sean Dibble for rSEANd Media.
You can follow his photography on Instagram (rseand_com)
Video ©2017 - Sean Dibble & Coby Koehl.
Song: © Coby Koehl